o How can I post an image or picture to the forum?

Posting images to the forum: The simplest current method seems to be on the Photobucket website. Unless you know about image URLs and the HTML < A > and < IMG > tags, try and use the various Web image storing site explanations.

Image posting etiquette:

Images that are larger that 100kb (right-click your image and select "properties" to find size info) will make other forum members impatient waiting for the full image to appear on their computer--especially if they have a dial-up connection to the Internet, as this is somewhat slow.

If you know how to re-size your image to make it smaller before posting it, please do so.

Since most posted images are of general interest to the forum, occasional hot-linking of photos, even largish ones, is OK. This forum has a photo gallery section--consider using it to post larger photos and then refer to that image in your text message in the regular forum. There is a set of image posting instructions in the forum Gallery section.

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