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Homemade Caterpillar Cages

Photos and text by: butterflyer1966 on Thu, Feb 2, 2006

I built my first cage a few years ago,when I started raising them beauties and ran out of space with other cages..lol
I used 2x4's, window screening, velcro for the front so it is easy to open,lots of nails, screws and corner brackets.
It is easier if you have someone that can hold the pieces together so you can get them together, but trust me it just takes a lil longer to do it on your own.
The easiest way to do it(just my opinion): make 2 equal frames(top and bottom) and then put them together,so you have the rectangle much faster and it is not too heavy..Clamps are very helpful there.
When the frame was done I used a staple gun to fasten the screening and glued the velcro on the left and right and bottom of the front frame..It is very easy to open and close for cleaning and taking care of the entire population in the cage..I also used the washable, self-sticking plastic sheets for kitchen etc and put that on the bottom..I just wipe it clean..I learned to put kitchen towels on top of it so I can replace it every 2nd day..(lots and lots of frass..)
Ok, hope my describing was helpful I try to attach a few pictures..Let me know if you have more questions.

Butterfly Greetings and Best of Luck


Image by: butterflyer1966

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