o Can you graft more than one variety to the same rootstock, for a “fruit cocktail” tree?

Yes, it can be done. Just grow your rootstock tree big enough to have several side branches, and graft (bud) a different scion to each branch. Realize that there are some potential problems:
1. If any of the scions you use has a virus, it will move into all the other varieties. And while some varieties may be tolerant and symptomless, others may show strong symptoms or even die. For example, if you grafted an orange scion onto a grapefruit limb, and the orange scion happened to have tristeza virus, it would kill the grapefruit.
2. Even if all the parts are virus-free, it’s likely that some varieties will be more vigorous than others, and will “take over” the tree, crowding or shading out the others. Tangeloes and lemons tend to be the most vigorous, followed by grapefruit, then oranges, then tangerines, and Key limes are least vigorous.

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