o How do I get free Priority mailing supplies?

I just wanted to let people know that you can get free mailing supplies for priority shipping. I ship my plants priority and get my boxes, tape and now mailing labels free from the post office. I am now having them ship to my home. This is free of charge!!!

The phone number is 1-800-222-1811. Tell them you want #4 and #7 boxes (they come in groups of 25) also ask for rolls of tape and address labels. They will send you this for free. You can get the order form from your postoffice if you want to see what else they have. I have also shipped plants in the smaller boxes if they were small and that worked fine. I know most people send priority so why not get the mailing supplies for free and decrease your costs?

You can also order all of this online at http://supplies.usps.gov/

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