o How to take vitamins and minerals

Take them with the food in which they would normally occur, and if at all possible, in the middle of the meal, not before or after.

  • B vitamins in the middle of your biggest meal
  • vitamin C and bioflavenoids with juice
  • fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E) with food comtaining oil

All vitamins can be taken together. Minerals, if taken in chelated form, can also be taken with any vitamins. Unchelated minerals can interact negatively with vitamins and with digestion and are not recommended.

Unchelated magnesium will neutralize stomach acid and will cause the stomach to produce more acid. That confuses the stomach and causes digestion problems.

Unchelated iron interferes with the absorption of vitamin E.

Do not take synthetic fat-soluble vitamins, if the ones from natural sources are available. Synthetic vitamin A and D are toxic and can have serious effects in large doses. The same has never happened with A and D from natural sources, even in mega-doses.

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