o Aversions and bad tasting remedies

You need to distinguish between a bad taste and an aversion. If you feel an aversion to a herb or other remedy, either herbal or pharmaceutical, it may be well to listen to your body. It may not be for you. You may even be allergic to it.

If it is simply the taste you find unpleasant, you may be able to take it in fillable gelcaps. If that isn't an option, it helps to have everything ready for taking it. The remedy on a spoon, a glass of water, and something pleasant tasting to follow. Keep the remedy in your mouth for the shortest possible time without letting it touch your teeth. Wash it down with a glass of water followed by your favorite juice.

When you start to notice definite beneficial effects, you will most likely get to like the taste, because your body will tell you to like it. If that does not happen, I would seriously doubt the efficacy of the remedy for you.

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