o Herbal teas for colds and flu

Different herbal remedies attack different symptoms of a cold or the flu, and some herbal composites treat several symptoms at the same time. German herbal companies have patented some excellent herbal mixtures for colds. They all are effective. They all taste great. Save the list of ingredients from the package. You may be able to buy or grow some of the herbs yourself.

If you want to attack a specific symptom, you may want to use just one or two ingredients:

Relieving congestion
Ginger, thyme, licorice.

Soothing to the throat
Slippery elm, comfrey, basswood bossom, fennugreek.

Relieving nausea
Ground fennel, ginger.

Inducing perspiration
Basswood blossom. The German word for basswood is Linde, the English term is lime.

The following herbs require simmering, not just brewing: Ground fennel, comfrey, fennugreek, basswood blossom.

Flavors of herb teas are improved with the addition of a touch of honey. Never use sugar.

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