o Cold Sore Remedies and Prevention

Cold sores are caused by a deficiency. They can be prevented by correcting the deficiency. Success has been found with the use of
  • Vitamin B6. The amount can be determined by experimenting. When the right amount is found, the cold sores will stay away. You can then reduce the amount and if the sores return, you increase it. The maximun dose available in tablets is 250 mg.
  • L-lysine. Available as tablets of 1000 mg for prevention and as cream for healing. This is an amino acid and is banned in Canada as are all amino acids.
  • Yogurt or acidophilus capsules. Take internally.
  • Zinc.

To heal the sores, these cures are recommended in addition to the above remedies:

  • Tree Tea Oil.
  • Raw garlic. Dab it on.
  • ***Ear wax. Soften it with oil if it is hard and use it on the blister to dry it up.
  • Cold sore lotion. One bottle will last for the rest of your life.
  • Instant coffee. Make a paste.

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