o Athletes Foot and other Fungus Infections

Athlete's foot is a fungus disease. A fungus needs a certain pH to grow. Changing the pH will destroy it.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is probably the easiest remedy. Dab it on and let it dry.

Natural vitamin A

Vitamin A from fish liver oil prevents of relieves infection. One application is usually sufficient. Vitamin A + D can also be used, or just straight fish live oil, like cod liver oil. It isn't as strong and the application will have to be repeated.

Wet clay

If the infection is really severe, start with the #1 poison and infection antidote which is wet clay. Smear it on the affected areas, stick the foot in a plastic bag, put on a sock, and go to bed. The next morning, wash it off and repeat the next night if necessary. That will cure the acute infection. Then you continue with the vitamin A or cider vinegar. Just dab some on the affected areas.

Raw garlic

A slice of raw garlic will fight infection, but it will burn the skin if left on too long, so it is not the best remedy to leave on overnight.

Black walnut, tree tea oil, and other herbal remedies

Black walnut hull powder is supposed to be anti-fungal, but it is poisonous and many people get a rash from it. All other ingredients are too expensive and don't work any better than the inexpensive ones.

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