o Microwave Heat Packs or Freezer Cold Packs

Use of Heat Pack

For back pain, for neck pain, for eye strain, for relaxation. Be sure to heat the pack only for a short time, less than a minute depending on the size, just long enough to warm up but not long enough to cook the contents. The herbal contents will lose its effectiveness in a few months, in less than that, if used frequently. If the smell is gone and you don't want to make a new pack, you can dab on essential oils (aromatherapy).

Use of Cold Pack

For inflammation. Keep in freezer.

Base Content

  • Rice and lavender
  • Buckwheat husks
  • Linseed (=flax seed) for cold packs only, because oil gets rancid when heated
  • Popping corn
  • Other grains
  • Peas or beans
  • Cherry pits

Herbal Content

  • Lavender for relaxation
  • Catnip to help you sleep
  • Peppermint, spearmint, eucalyptus for congestion
  • Garlic for severe congestion, best to be used at room temperature

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