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I use flat pieces of rock that I find in the creek bed behind my house. Scrub them well with an old brush and water to remove any mud, dirt etc. This is important because the paint will not stick well if you use it over dried mud or dirt. I use paint pens from my local craft store that are made specifically for pourous surfaces. The ones I use are for decorating clay flower pots. I first use a medium point black marker to write the name and let it dry completely. Then I write over the black with a fine tip white to make the letters pop. I would recommend spraying the dry markers with a clear sealer coat so they last indefinitely.



I am quite happy with my markers from Eon Industries (about 30 cents each when ordering 100). I used a garden pen to label the first year, and it all faded. Now I use a Brother P-touch labeler with clear exterior grade tape (I don't know how I ever lived without it).

Make sure the garden markers are at least 12" long. That way, you can drive them far enough into the ground to be permanent-and they can also be cut to size if needed. I like to leave only about 4" above ground behind the plant.



I like to use two tags, both made from pieces of old mini blinds. One tag is about 6 inches long and it goes beside the plant. The other tag is about 2 inches long and it goes in the ground, under the plant. That way, if the top tag is ever lost or vandalized, I can always dig the plant up and find its other tag.



I got my "rose markers" from the Paw Paw Everlast Co. I use the 12" for the mini's and smalls and the 16" for the larger ones. I don't mean to sound like an advertisement for them, but the 12" were $29.35/100 and the taller were $36.25/100, freight included. I couldn't find any markers more reasonable and needed over 350 of them. I top them off with the Brother P-touch labels and am very happy with the results



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