o Hostas when is enough, enough?

I am wondering if any of you have reached a point, when we say we have enough hostas??? I thought when I reached 100 that would be great, then it was 200 and so on and on and on. I decided last fall I would just concentrate on trading with fellow addicts, and dabble at hybridizing. That was until I saw the new listings from White Oaks and ordered MORE hostas. I am such a weak soul!!! Help, does it never end??

Dollymomma -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I actually down sized this past year. I'm down to about 650 varieties from close to 800. They just got to crowded and started looking terrible. But to answer your question, no it doesn't stop because I keep ordering and replace older ones I no longer care for with new ones I can't live without!



RE: When is enough, enough?
Posted by: Dollymomma zone 4 IA (My Page) on Tue, Jan 3, 06 at 15:57

Well, Kent, You haven't given me much hope for a cure. And Kent, what criteria did you use to downsize. The only hosta we have I don't care for is Lunar Eclipse, and I keep it for the educational purpose of showing an example of drawstring. Even u. Albomarginata has it's virtues.

Dollymomma ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

1. does not grow well

2. looks like something I already have

3. slow growing or not growing at all!

4. slug bait

5. I find an improved variety

6. I get bored with it.

7. it dies (this usually only happen to the expensive ones)

8. I need the room for something I like better

9. the picture is better than the plant!

10. just because ;-)

Ok, I'll fess up to another.... When I get a plant in the mail I realize that I already own it! My son has ended up with a nice collection this way. Kent

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