o When should I pot up seedlings?

presuming you have them in a flat .... do it before they get their roots all tangled up .... 2 leaf /.... 4 leaf.. do it when you have time... in fact .. do some now... and do some in a few weeks... and report back to us if it makes a difference .... i teased them out with a kids nickel paint brush.. the plastic stick end opposite the brush .... banged them on the side of a bucket to remove the old soil ... and potted up to 6 oz solo cups .. the size the dentist used to give you .. way back when ...

the shaking... said to stimulate growth hormone release.. and the fresh soil removes any salt buildup ... i would not use a soiless mix that had fert in it .. i would add 1/4 tspn of soluable fert to a gallon milk jug of water EVERY time i filled it .... get about 4 gals going.. use tepid water for watering.. no need to shock the little suckers ..

bottom line.. feeling i havent said this often enough .. THEY ARE HOSTA .... experiment .. they are very forgiving, even at this age ... if it dies... it was a genetic weakling... and its death going to save you a lot of time and worry .. so be it .... NEVER blame yourself.... lol

try the search fnction .. because i have a funny feeling i have typed this a dozen or more times over the last few years.. try the FAQ"S also ... but dont ever let that statement stop you from posting... i like new posts... but maybe i did a better job answering it prior ...

and everyone elses answer ... is what worked for them .. and no better or worse than mine ... experimenting will lead to YOUR system ..... go for it.. and ...

good luck


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