o What else can I do to attract hummingbirds to my yard?


Planting and maintaining native flowering plants known to attract hummingbirds is always the best option for feeding hummingbirds. The list, both native and non-native, is extensive, but the friendly folks on the Hummingbird Garden forum are always happy to share their knowledge.

Check out What Plants Attract Hummingbirds in Your Garden.

For a special hummingbird treat, try putting out an opened banana on a plate. The fruit should attract fruit flies, and hummingbirds love to eat fruit flies. (A side benefit to this is that you may also attract a wide variety of butterflies as well.)

Hummingbirds like to bathe just as much as any other bird, but prefer water dripping off of leaves or spray coming from sprinklers and pond fountains. Try locating one of the many commercial "misters" amongst a leafy bush or tree. Any number of small birds will enjoy it as much as the hummers.

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