o How do I Embed Pics into my GardenWeb Post?

To imbed images in your GardenWeb posts there are three steps:

1. Digitize photos
2. Upload pics to the internet (hosting site)
3. Link to the pics

Many people have digital cameras, which automatically digitize their pics. You can also have your photos developed with a company which will save your pics onto a CD. There are other photo developing companies which will upload your pics onto an 'album' created for you on their web site. A last option is to scan your pics manually.

Upload to the Internet
Most of the free image hosting sites have disappeared but if you'll check the properties of a photo inserted into a GW message (place cursor on pic, select right mouse button, then select Properties> you can see which image hosting site that person uses.

Another way to find image hosting sites is to do a search for "free image hosting". There are many free image hosting sites but very few allow direct linking - that is, allow your pic to appear from within a GW message. Once you've chosen an image hosting site you'll need to follow the instructions on that site to upload the images from your computer. Generally it involves creating a userID, creating albums, then navigating thru your computer to specify the location of the pic(s) you want to upload.

GardenWeb allows HTML coding within the body of a message. The format of that HTML is:
[img src=""]
where you use less than < and greater than > symbols instead of the [ and ]. Type that exact code into your GW message but put the URL of your pic within the quotes.

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