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Below is a list of some of the books members of this forum have recommended. While this list certainly does not represent the complete list of books on this subject it is a good place to start. Some books were recommended without the member adding commentary. If you have read any of these books and would like to add to the books comments, please let me know (see link at bottom of page). Corrections and additions will be made expeditiously as they are requested.
A Japanese Garden Journey: Through Ancient Stones and Dragon Bones
Author(s): Judith Klingsick
Comments: I know it is a small hardcover book: 44 pages.
A Japanese Touch For Your Garden
Author(s): Kiyoshi Seike Masanobu Kudo and David H. Engel
Comments: Has a wealth of practical information
Art of Japanese Gardens: Designing & Making Your own Peaceful Space
Author(s): Herb Gufstafson
Comments: It is a wonderful book
Colors in Kyoto
Author(s): Kenji Hashimoto and Michiko Takagi
Comments: It has wonderful photos of the details that make Japanese style Japanese.
Creating Japanese Gardens
Author(s): Philip Cave
Comments: I almost didn't get Cave's book but it is truly beautiful.
Enhance Your Garden with Japanese Plants - a practical sourcebook
Author(s): Judy Glattstein
Comments: An introduction to and history of Japanese plants in America is followed by sections describing and providing cultivation information
Garden Art Of Japan, The
Author(s): Masao Hayakawa
Comments: It has some striking pictures. There are a few colour plates, but the rest of the pictures are in black and white. To me, one of the most powerful pictures is one of the stone arrangement in the upper garden, Saiho-ji, Kyoto. The author writes of it as '...a crystallization of the spirit of the great priest Muso Soseki - a spirit that truly revolutionized Japanese garden design in the medieval age.' A little further on, he refers to the upper garden as representing 'the deeply ascetic outlook of Zen.....' Chapter 4 is entitled 'The World Of The Dry-Landscape Garden and the sub-heading 'Gardens for Zen Discipline'. It begins - 'Muso Soseki attempted to give physical form to his Zen Philosophy in the dry-landscape garden of Saiho-ji and the dry waterfall stone group in the garden of Tenryu-ji. Such gardens are in themselves a means towards Zen self-examination, spiritual refinement and ultimate enlightenment. They therefore belong to a dimension of creativity entirely different (my underlining) from that of gardens designed for pleasure or for the gratification of aesthetic tastes......' I found it difficult to put the book down.
Garden Views I - Modern Japanese Gardens
Author(s): Tatsui Teien Kenkyujo
Garden Views II - Stone & Sand Gardens
Author(s): Tatsui Teien Kenkyujo
Garden Views III - Water & Stream Gardens
Author(s): Tatsui Teien Kenkyujo
Garden Views IV - Tree & Moss Gardens
Author(s): Tatsui Teien Kenkyujo
Gardening The Japanese Way
Author(s): Sima Eliovson
Comments: A big book with lots of color pictures and lots of advice on all aspects of Japanese style gardening.
Infinite Spaces: The Art and Wisdom of the Japanese Garden
Author(s): Joe Earle
Comments: Pairs quotations from an ancient writing the Sakuteiki on garden design with exquisite photos that illuminate the words.
Japanese Courtyard Gardens
Author(s): Haruzo Ohashi
Comments: A beautiful picture book that gives a nice sampling of small gardens -- including those in private residences hotels and inns and temples/shrines.
Japanese Detail: Architecture
Author(s): Sadao Hibi
Comments: Some excellent pictures of fences paths basins and lanterns.
Japanese Garden Construction
Author(s): Samuel Newscom
Japanese Garden Design
Author(s): Marc P. Keane
Comments: Reading such a smooth introduction to Japanese gardens was a pleasurable experience.
Japanese Gardening in Small Spaces
Author(s): Isao Yoshikawa
Comments: It has very specific instructions for stone placement construction of gates and fences with bamboo tying knots.
Japanese Gardens
Author(s): Gunter Nitschke Taschen
Comments: Has wonderful photos of classic garden concepts
Japanese Gardens Revisited
Author(s): Gisei Takakuwa
Comments: Is largely of photographs by Kiichi Asana with commentary by Gisei Takakuwa. The photographs are in colour and I can spend a lot of time admiring them, but most of them are on a grander scale than most back yards, so, (for me) it's of limited use.
Japanese Gardens Today how the Japanese use rocks water plants
Author(s): Tatsuo Ishimoto
Japanese Stone Gardens: how to make and enjoy them
Author(s): Kazuhiko Fukuda
Comments: I think it's very good.
Japanese Style
Author(s): SlesinCliff and Rozensztroch
Comments: The highlight of the book is the wonderful photos by Chabaneix. It's full of the details of Japanese life that are so distinctive: the patterns of shoji bamboo fences and roof beams; the way vegetables and tea sweets are arranged; the crowded simplicity of shop interiors; the blue white and wood of home interiors.
Journal of Japanese Gardening
Author(s): bi-monthly magazine
Comments: Excellent 'how to' guides, articles and comentary
Landscape as Spirit
Author(s): Mosko and Noden
Comments: Beautiful book! May help out those of you working on rock setting projects.
Landscape Gardening in Japan
Author(s): Josiah Conder
Comments: has numerous reproductions of the black-and-white woodblock prints from these Edo period gardening manuals, as well as fascinating photos of famous (plus some just plain weird) gardens taken during the Meiji era. (For instance, see Kinkakuji with the pond choked with aquatic weeds on page 171). A really fun book for reference (would not recommend using it to design a garden.....)
Looking for the Lost: Journeys Through a Vanishing Japan
Author(s): Alan Booth
Comments: Booth was a particularly insightful traveler who knew the Japanese culture well. His memoir/travel accounts are full of details about people and their lives in the out-of-the-way places few travelers see.
Magic Of Trees And Stones: Secrets of Japanese Gardening
Author(s): SAITO, K. et al.
Comments: just quite simply the best book(english language) on the subject.
Masterpieces of Japanese Garden Art: Central Kyoto
Author(s): Mizuno Katsuhiko
Comments: All large photo format published by Books Nippan.
Masterpieces of Japanese Garden Art: Eastern and Northern Kyoto
Author(s): Mizuno Katsuhiko
Comments: All large photo format published by Books Nippan.
Masterpieces of Japanese Garden Art: Nunnerys
Author(s): Mizuno Katsuhiko
Comments: All large photo format published by Books Nippan.
Masterpieces of Japanese Garden Art: Western Kyoto
Author(s): Mizuno Katsuhiko
Comments: All large photo format published by Books Nippan.
Natural Stonescapes The Art and Craft of Stone Placement
Author(s): Richard Dube and Frederick C. Campbell
Comments: It is a good book has detailed instruction on stone placement good info on where to get stones how to handle them and so on. Lots of drawings and photos.
Nature on View: Homes and Gardens Inspired by Japan
Author(s): Peggy Landers Rao & Jean Mahoney
Comments: It has wonderful ideas for merging the indoors with the garden. Plus it features Japanese-influenced homes in the US. It has been a real source of inspiration for me. Gardener.
Oriental Gardening
Author(s): Japanese Garden Society of Oregon
Comments: It is a very good intro for general Oriental garden style planning and had some good basic horticultural instructions too. The photos are quite inspiring.
Reflections of the Spirit: Japanese Gardens in America
Author(s): Maggie Oster
Comments: One more book with wonderful photos.
Secret Teachings in the Art of Japanese Gardens
Author(s): David Slawson
Comments: What sets this work apart is its depth and focus on unraveling the underlying design principles and its intent on providing a deeper understanding into the art of Japanese gardening.
Serene Gardens
Author(s): Yoko Kawaguchi
Comments: Serene Gardens is illustrated with a wide variety of photos and comprehensively covers Japanese gardening. It has an exhaustive plant list and plenty of practival advice.
Space & Illusion In The Japanese Garden
Author(s): Teiji Itoh
Comments: A passage in it that got my attention reads - '....Zen priests advocated the use of materials near at hand rather than the expenditure of large sums of money to procure and transport fantastically shaped rocks and rare trees. Indeed Buddhism itself is symbolized in this frugal advice, and it was of such a philosophy that the rock garden and the dry-landscape (kare sansui) garden were born.' (my italics). 'Frugal' certainly appeals to me.
Spirit of Kyoto
Author(s): Mizuno Katsuhiko
Comments: Gorgeous photography on every page of gardens landscapesplants and flowers. Extraordinary.
Stonescaping: A Guide to using Stone in your Garden
Author(s): J. Kowalscewski Whitner
Comments: If you're drawn towards the rewarding art and science of working with stone this book is a must
The Art of Bonsai
Author(s): Peter D. Adams
Comments: Heavily illustrated with color and b&w photos and drawings
The Art of the Japanese Garden
Author(s): David en Michiko Young
Comments: 2005, ISBN 0804835985, Turtle Pusblishing. A very good book with excellent photography and drawings. A kind that we can recommend if one looks for one book on Japanese gardens.
The Art of the Japanese Garden
Author(s): Tatsuo Ishimoto
Comments: Scaled drawings of the Gardens are included with arrows indicating the orientation and direction that the pictures were taken. It goes a long way toward helping the concepts leap off the page.
The Art of Zen Gardens
Author(s): A.K.Davidson
Comments: An excellent garden designer and builder's companion
The Imperial Gardens of Japan
Author(s): Takeji Iwamiya and Teiji Itoh
Comments: An exquisite book
The Modern Japanese Garden
Author(s): Michiko Rico Nose et al
Comments: Great photography intriguing ideas for incorporating Japanese-inspired design elements in homes and gardens.
The Ocean in the Sand: Japan From Landscape to Garden
Author(s): Mark Holborn
Comments: I thought it was dry at first but after about 20 pages I was taking copious notes! Fascinating if you're trying to understand the 'why'.
The World of the Japanese Garden
Author(s): Loraine Kuck
Comments: A cornerstone to my collection.
Themes in the History of Japanese Garden Art
Author(s): Wybe Kuitert
Comments: (ISBN 0-8248-2312-5) The best English-language treatment of Japanese garden history available. It's a bit hard to work through, but that's partly due to the meatiness of the material. I found it worked perfectly well to read its chapters out of order, following any thread I was particularly interested in. The index and bibliography (both J & E) are excellent and Wybe gives a very extensive glossary including kanji/kana.
Today's Japanese garden
Author(s): Daivid Ingel
Comments: Mr Ingel asociated top Japanese schoolar in 50's. Book is kind old, but book has very accurate articles and good photos.
Tsuboniwa - The Japanese Courtyard Garden
Author(s): Mizuno Katsuhiko
Comments: Nice photo book lots of nice intimate gardens great for ideas.

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