o Plastic Pot Recycling - Hypertufa-Covered Pot #3


Image by: fuzzy
Hypertufa covered plastic pot

Plastic Pot Recycling - Hypertufa-Covered Pot

Member fuzzy also revamped a large (gallon size) black plastic pot:

Cover the outside of the pot with chickenwire, crimp it around the rim about 2" down and around the bottom about the same amount. Next, I turn it upside down and pack hypertufa (leaving the center drainage hole) all over the bottom and sides. A day later, flip it over and cover the rim and the 2" on the inside. A day after that, use some chickenwire scraps to rough up the outside. Now that the inside is invisible (because it's filled with dirt), you'd never know it's a black nursery pot...

For more information and hypertufa "recipes" be sure to check out the Garden Web Hypertufa forum

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