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Bowling ball bubbler

Bowling Ball Bubbler

Member Barbu gives us her directions:

I drilled a bowling ball from both sides, starting in the thumb hole. This was a green ball w/green half marbles glued on. I used aquarium sealant just because that's what I had.

There is a 22 gal black plastic container (from Lowes) in the ground. We put 2 cement blocks on end, put the pump between them, covered the whole thing with hardware cloth (a hole in the middle), ran the tubing up through the bb, which is sitting on a short stand thing purchased at Goodwill. I covered the hardware cloth with rocks.

We keep it running all winter with a bird bath heater.

Caution: The ball said something about ceramic core and, sure enough, there was a ceramic core that could not be drilled! Lucky for me the drill bent to the side and met up with the hole from the opposite side. I'll probably be more careful next time!

Member luvsroses adds this winter freezing caution:

The freeze and thaw could very well crack them. It depends on what your bb is made of. Rubber ones will sometimes crack left out in the freezing weather, the plastic ones will sometimes crack if left in very hot direct sun. I think Barbu's does ok in the wintertime because of the birdbath heater. It's better to be safe than sorry later and I think it's a good idea to bring the balls in during the winter. A mild winter might be ok, but not extremely cold ones like past winter (2002) was.

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