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Posted by Bigred: I just fished an old blue splatterware dutch oven out of my neighbor's scrap pile, punched holes in the bottom and potted it up w/impatients, coleus and caladiums. Turned out so pretty now I'm on the hunt for other junk to pot up. I also have an old chair w/ bottom planted and a septic tank clean out box planted 2-3 years w/semps,and other rock garden plants that have just gone wild so now I'm hooked on using "junk" to plant in.

Posted by xkmorris: Well when I retired last year I also retired my old steel toe work boots. They are planted with plants now and looks pretty good.

Posted by klynnnn: I have an old gray enamelware pot that I partially buried on its side and I have thyme planted in that next to some rosemary

Posted by patricia_mi: While I was up visiting my Fathers 40 acre christmas tree farm, I found an old metal childs potty (white) with several holes in it. I was thinking some pretty strawberry plants or hen & chicks would look nice.

Posted by goofyj: I like baskets and have one small one with a lid that opens and makes a backdrop for the plants. I also have a picnic basket that the lids open to the middle and I will put pots of mums in; a kids tractor about 18" tall with plants inside, and a kids rocking chair with pot on the seat. Problem is the deer, now they jump up on the porch to taste the goodies.

Posted by Phyllis__MN: Last year I planted an old coal bucket with impatiens, which looked really nice, and a Red Flyer wagon with fibrous begonias which was gorgeous. I have a pair of black rubber kids boots that are going to be planted with shasta daisies today.

Posted by Bigred: Sets me to thinking about the old wooden soda crates I have out back. Since semps don't need much watering maybe plant 2/3 in semps and fill the other holes w/ gravel. Have an old wooden tool caddy (double wide) that would look great w/pots of mums in the fall.

Posted by chancygardener: I have this cute wooden crate type thingie from the grocery's dumpster. Green beans came in it (stamped on front that its beans). It's that real thin wood that's tied/hinged with thin wire and a lid that's hinged on so that's its like a box. I put 2 old black nursery pots full of my geranium cuttings and jew cuttings inside (the pots don't show).

Posted by Seamommy: Out by the well house I have a copper tea kettle someone threw out. I put a hole in the bottom and partly buried it. It looks pretty cute too.

Posted by luvsroses: I planted snapdragons in a little metal wheelbarrow. It is only about 7 inches tall or so.

Posted by pplantlady: I plant up everything.....boots, old sinks, bathtubs, chairs, schooldesks, teacups, beds....you name it! If it will hold soil...it will hold a plant. One of my garden favs.....a childs bed. It's a couple of years old now and was originally planted as a quilt with a pillow. Now its just a catch all for extra seeds. I like that wild look aboutit. My sweetie and I got it for ten bucks and he built me a wooden box where the mattress was. We drilled holesin it for drainage and planted it up. It has faded a bit from the sun....but it still looks pretty cool!

Posted by CraftyGardener: I have an old drum from a washing machine planted with mint. Other things I have planted in are frypans, saucepans, teapots, old mugs, old wheelbarrows, and old seed spreader, old wicker baskets ... just about anything that can hold dirt can become a planter.

And here are a few more ideas from Member CraftyGardener (her member name speaks for itself!):

Fill an old wheelbarrow with dirt and plant in it. If it is rusted out like mine was you won't need to add drainage holes. I have chives, hens and chicks, and some other ground cover plants that like to trail over the edges. Any old piece of garden equipment is great for planting in. I have used an old seed spreader, old metal buckets, an old watering can, and old wheelbarrows. Remember to add drainage holes.

Use old tires filled with dirt to put tomato plants in. During the day the tires soak up the heat and over night that helps to keep the plants warm. I have seen old sinks, bathtubs and even toilets filled with plants on various gardening shows on television. Barrel halves, old or new, make great containers for plants. You can even transform them into mini water gardens. A great place to put lots of pots of various sizes is in a old child's wagon.

Interesting pieces of pottery, bowls, tea cups,tea pots, mugs, bowls etc. found at garage sales look beautiful with small plants in them. Old plates placed under pots act as a catch-all for the water. An old saucepan, a teapot and cup and saucer, an old fry pan and a metal bucket filled with various plants sit in my "pot garden".

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Wheelbarrow, Pots & Bed

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