o How do I follow up on my question?

People will respond to your post and either:

give you suggestions on what it might be, or

ask you for more details

If they give you suggestions, please take those suggestions, look up pictures on the Internet or in books and compare those to your plant. When you have the plant in hand (or your yard), you are usually the best person to evaluate suggestions.

If they ask you for more details, please provide them.

If the request is for more pictures, be advised that you cannot attach a second picture directly to your original post. You can start another post or you can post photos to a sharing site like Photobucket, Flickr, Picasa, ImageShack, TinyPic and others. Most of them let you open an account for free. Once you upload your picture you will get a URL (web address) for your picture. Copy that and post it back into your original message.

Please do respond to the suggestions made by others so we know if the plant was identified correctly.

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