o What is this plant? Read this before you post!

Many people come to this forum for the first time to find out the identity of a plant. If you are looking for a plant id here are some suggestions that will help you get the answer youíre looking for:

1. A picture is extremely helpful. Take a digital photo or scan a photo and post it to your own webpage; then include the link to the photo in your posting to the forum. You may upload images to the forum- check the guidelines.

2. A concise description which includes size of plant, flower color, number of flower parts, type of leaf and the way leaves are arranged on the stem, the growth habit (vine, upright, spreading on ground)

3. Where do you live? Climate helps narrow the possibilities. Is the plant growing in the shade, full sun, moist or dry area?

4. Put a helpful heading on your posting, such as "Need i.d. for pink flowered vine", which gives more of a clue than "mystery plant" or "whatís this"

5. Good luck; Youíll probably get your answer quickly.

6. Finally, there is now a forum specifically for plant identification- "Name That Plant"

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