o Preventing Disease & Virus

The cornerstone of good culture is good disease management. Being proactive in caring for orchids will prevent many common maladies that can easily destroy a growing collection.

*Purchase healthy, robust plants. Get help from your local orchid society or grower to learn how to select healthy plants. Carefully check potential purchases for signs of pests or disease.

*Purchase plants that are able to thrive in the environment you have to offer. Healthy plants are better able to avoid disease and infestation.

*Isolate new purchases for about 4 weeks from your collection to determine if there are hidden or potential problems with the plants.

*Inspect all your plants regularly to detect early signs of trouble.

*Become knowledgeable about available home remedies that are effective and less invasive to plant tissue.

*Use appropriate fungicides/pesticides only as necessary and per manufacturer’s recommendations. Ensure that the chemical is specifically labeled for use on orchids.

*Sanitize tools, floors, benches and keep growing area free of trash and discarded plant material.

Submitted by Rhonda Heide

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