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Quite often plants are purchased without a tag. In the case of hybrids, once the tag is lost, they can never be identified again as to the hybrid. We will be able to identify species, but as there are so many crosses, and many are alike, it is virtually impossible to identify. Therefore, be very careful of those tags and do not remove them at the stores. In some cases, growers have been imprinting the names on the pots, however, I have also seen wher a Dpts. pot was used on a Den.

If you have a label which is partially obliterated, then quite probably someone will be able to help you figure out the name. Sometimes if a tag gets switched, but if you have the tags and the plant in bloom the proper designation will be able to be determined. Sometimes tags are mis-spelled as well, and the forum may be able to give you tips on this.

Finding out what KIND of orchid is useful for cultural tips, but once that tag is lost on a hybrid...the information is lost forever and the name is now NOID. It doesn't make them less beautiful, so enjoy.

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