o What plants grow best in the Ozarks?

The Ozarks are mainly in USDA zones 6 and 7 with zones 5 and 8 on the extreme edges. Know your growing zones(ask your county agent) before you start planting.
Most spring bulbs do well. German, dutch and dwarf iris,
Jonquils and narcissis,Perannual tulips( if babied some),
Creeping phlox, Forsythia,Spireas,violets. all the common vegetables. Again see your county agent.
Other plants include Daylillies,Sedums,Primroses,Salvias, Coneflowers,Sunflowers,Zinnias,Marigolds,Butterfly plant,coryopsis,Poppies,Liatris,Mallows,Roses,Weigelas.
In the Ozarks you always have shade around. For this you can grow ferns,Hostas,Astilbes,columbines,Goatsbeard,and Coleus. Part of the fun of gardening is trying new seeds or plants.
What grows in your garden spot may not grow next door.

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