o Why are my chile plants turning yellow?

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Spider Mites - Usually pin point yellowing Insects Nematodes Root Rot Diseasses Viral Disease Overwatering Nutrient deficiencies - lack of nitrogen or magnesium Soil Chemistry Excessive salt, pH Old Age.

Remedies: Check for insects.

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If there is no insect damage, give a small quantity of nitrogen - low N value fertilizer. You can also give epsom salt for magnesium. 1-2 tbsp. per gallon of water or sprinkle epsom salt on ground around base of plant.

This part by Byron

Yellowing of leaves could also be caused by excessive nitrogen. Bottom leaves turn light yellow, veins are dark green/brown.
Odds are the leaf tip and or margins will turn brown and become very brittle.

Fix is to over water for several occassions. If the roots are not salt burned (brown areas), the plants have a chance to recover.

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