o What Are Some Long Flowering Perennials (archived thread)

Any Long flowering perennials, please?

Posted by seymoria on Tue, Sep 3, 02 at 10:30
In your zone. (preferably USDA 7 & above)

Thanks for naming some species.


Posted by: zephirine_lyon z7 to z8 LYON on Tue, Sep 3, 02 at 11:07
Longest bloomers in my own garden (zone 7) :
- coreopsis verticillata Zagreb
- penstemon varieties (Apple Blossom, Sour Grapes, Midnight, hardy when in dry position in winter, + protection)
- geranium Russel Pritchard
- Asters x Frikartii Mönch and Wunder von Stäfa
- Echinacea purpurea "Magnus"
- Salvia micropylla varieties
- Scabiosa "butterfly Blue"
- gypsophila Bristol Fairy
- Gaura "whirling Butterflies"
- Knautia macedonica
- Verbena Bonariensis (reseeds, not 100 % hardy)
- Erodium pelargoniifolium (idem)

And, to a minor degree
- Phlox maculata "Natasha"
- Lobelia varieties (Vedrariensis, Tania, Dark Crusader)

I sure forget some...


Posted by: Virginia_W z3 WI on Tue, Sep 3, 02 at 11:08
Purple Coneflower, Double Heliopsis, Monarda, Malva "Zebrina", Ligularia "The Rocket", Hollyhocks, Kierengoshoma (Yellow Waxbells)

Posted by: flower_fairy z6a MA on Tue, Sep 3, 02 at 18:31
Daylily Happy Returns.

Posted by: paula_in_PA z6 PA on Tue, Sep 3, 02 at 19:16
Still new to gardening, but very pleased with my new Salvia "blue Hill" - all summer long blooming.

Posted by: Rob333 zone 6B on Tue, Sep 3, 02 at 21:26
...and I don't know if the other varieties/cultivars are, but Agastache cana, 'Heather Queen' has bloomed, literally, all summer.


Posted by: katybird_PA z6 PA on Wed, Sep 4, 02 at 10:20
Nepeta 'walker's low', Centranthus ruber, Chrysanthemum 'Clara curtis', Campanula 'Kent belle', Verbena 'Homestead Purple.'

Posted by: Anne_Marie_Alb 5 NY Albany on Wed, Sep 4, 02 at 21:45
I'll add:
Coreopsis "early sunrise"
Black-eyed susan

Zone 5

Posted by: steve_NJ z7A NJ on Wed, Sep 4, 02 at 22:22
Cuphea glutinosa and Spilanthes (stolonifera)? Both are zone 6 or 7 hardy, with mulch. Cuphea self sows as well.

Posted by: ArborBluffGirl 5b on Thu, Sep 5, 02 at 16:35
dwarf white delphinium, russian blue sage, big blue liriope, coneflowers, shasta daisy and thrift all did well for me this year inspite of the drought.

Posted by: donor12199 on Thu, Sep 5, 02 at 23:09
Heliopsis Summer sun
Purple and white coneflower
Butterfly bushes
Phlox..red riding hood..I cut back after first bloom and it is in full bloom again now.

Posted by: valeriePA z6 PA on Sat, Sep 7, 02 at 8:52
Campanula carpatica-blue and white clips
fringed leaf bleeding hearts

Posted by: Jofrom_PKs zone 5 on Sat, Sep 7, 02 at 21:17
Don't forget Hardy Hibiscus, Zone 5, flowers from the last week of July until the hard freeze.....
Luxurient Bleeding Hearts, spring till frost

Posted by: beth1958 5a Ontario on Mon, Sep 9, 02 at 14:13
Isn't Salvia an Annual??

Posted by: Taba z5b MO on Mon, Sep 9, 02 at 19:00
Beth, many salvias are perennials. A search on google for perennial salvia leads to lots of varieties.

I love salvias but can't figure out why mine end up floppy and bowl-shaped instead of upright (even in full sun), so they're coming out this fall.

Posted by: seymoria on Wed, Sep 25, 02 at 9:01
Thankyou very very much to all of you wonderful people for guidance. I am looking forward to a huge order.

However, someone recently frightened me that perennials get poor year after year. I hope it applies to only a small number.



Posted by: katybird_PA 6 PA on Wed, Sep 25, 02 at 11:00
All perennials are not the same. Some are short lived, some need frequent divisions to maintain there vigor, and others just want to be left alone and become more and more impressive each season.

A lot of very long blooming perennials have the tendency to bloom themselves out and are short lived. These are the ones that seem to set a lot of seed in my garden and keep themselves going that way.

Posted by: moonsaga z7/8 OR on Thu, Sep 26, 02 at 2:16
Long bloom..... Erysimum 'Bowles Mauve' doesn't stop blooming all summer... however, I do hear this is a short lived perennial.


ps...Regarding Salvias, there are a whole lot of different types. If you have a Salvia officianalis that gets floppy, bury all the floppy parts, let 'em root, divide. Or prune in spring.. they can take it. great year round plant here

Posted by: John3560 z5 MI on Thu, Sep 26, 02 at 7:28
It frequently acts like a biennial but Hesperis matronalis is a great plant. It blooms forever in the early summer and if not always dependably perennial always sets plenty of seed.

Posted by: ZENA_WP 7/WA on Thu, Sep 26, 02 at 19:07
Although they have their own forum, Clematis can be a long blooming perennial with several flushes of flowers. The same as dianthus. Lavatera (which is more of a shrub).....

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