o In a small retail nursery business, what advertising forms have best response?

Word of mouth based on good plants, good service; a professionally made sign, simple, bold and clear, displayed in front of building; professionally designed logo to use on sign, ads, packaging, vehicles, teeshirts; upscale direct mailings to targeted customers, high quality linen stock, embossed envelopes, hand addressed and stamped as opposed to mail meter, cover letters and graphics to new business, letters and lists to established customers; advertising through Grower Associations. Special sales and events display newspaper ads. Direct mail advertising should go out 10-14 days before an event. Wording, graphics and overall design will greatly affect your success. Including something of more enduring value to the piece to encourage recipients to keep it: a planting schedule for your area, zone chart, any handy reference they would wish to keep can prolong the life of the ad.

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