o Can you identify some of the job titles with their duties in nursery plant industry?

Professional Gardener - a person with great plant knowledge engaged professionally in establishing and maintenance of planted areas and lawns for clients

Horticulturist - A very knowledgeable plant expert who knows the types, origins, cultivation needs, propagation nf many plants, engages in vegetative production for income

Landscaper - actually installs the plants and builds the hardscape according to the garden plan

Landscape Designer - designs the entire hardscape and planting concept, specifies the plants and their placement, provides drawings, sketches, layouts and diagrams to instruct landscaper in installation and oversees entire project from beginning to finish, making corrections and adjustments as necessary to satisfactorily implement the design

Wholesale Nursery Grower - seeds, propagates, sizes up and sells plugs, liners, and growing plants to retain nurseries and plant professionals

Garden Center Operator - a retail merchant who deals in seasonal plants, unusual plants, trees, shrubs and supplies and accessories for the garden. Depending on specialty, this person may overlap some of the other gardening area and grow their own plants

Detail Gardener - a finish gardener who grooms, trims, fertilizes, maintains and neatens up client garden areas, provides changing seasonal color, and monitors health of the plants

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