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Coumbine Seed Pods

Columbines are beautiful flowers, there are many varieties available, bloom period is spring through early summer. Most do well growing in part shade and will tolerate droughty soils. They have a charming common name of Granny's Bonnets which they do resemble.

Allow the flower to dry naturally on the plant, the petals will drop and a pod will develop on the end of the short stem which held the flower. The pods are oblong, chambered, and have pointed ends. When the seeds have ripened the pods will brown and open at the end, those points split apart to create a cup or chalice-like vesicle.

Remove the pods, being careful not to shake or bounce them which can scatter the seeds. You should be able to hear the ripe seeds rattle in their pods when you gather them. Turn the pod upside down and simply pour the seeds from the cup. A few taps may be needed to remove all the seeds from the pod. The seeds are very small, shiny black, and similar in appearance and size to a flea.

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