o Silver Grass ~ Miscanthus


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Silver grass grows in large expanding clumps and produces nearly white inflorescences in late summer. It is a popular perennial grass for landscaping.

Seed collection is easy. Observe the stem below the inflorescence (seed head). When it has become light brown and is brittle you may easily snap the seed head from the plant. Place it on an open plate and allow it to dry for a few days. To strip the seeds from the tassles grasp a single tassle strand at its exterior end and with your other hand clasp the seeds between the nails of your thumb and forefinger. Strip the seeds off in a downwards motion. It takes some practice to use enough pressure to strip the seeds without snapping the tassle strand.

Allow the seeds to dry for a few more days before packing. There will be fluffy chaff attached to the small seeds. Seeds are traded with the chaff, sowing instructions should include to pat the entire contents firmly down into moist soil.

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