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Eupatorium rugosum seeds.

Eupatorium is another of the wonderful butterfly attracting wildflowers that release their seeds via the "fluff and fly" method. Seeds are dispersed via fluffy parasols that use breezes to float mature seeds far away from the mother plant to settle into new ground, sprout and grow.

Seed collection is easy....simply grasp the the fluff with your fingers and remove it from the plant. Another means of collection is to gather the mature seed clusters into your hand and crumble them into a deep container held below. The seeds and chaff will drop into the vessicle. Do not attempt to gather these seeds on a very windy day as many will be disperse into the wind as you take them from the plant.

The seeds are located at the very base of the fluff held in a tight cluster. They are very small, medium brown, the width of a fine needle and about an 1/8" long.

Seeds are often traded with the chaff and sowing instructions should include to sow both seeds and chaff onto the surface of moist soil and pat down to adhere the seeds to the soil.

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