o How do you mulch your squares?

With a whole range of materials! A few things we use:
  • Carpet squares turned upside down, with holes cut for the plants
  • Newspaper with grass clippings or other material on top
  • Cedar mulch or other pre-packaged wood mulch from the garden center
  • Free wood chips from tree-trimming companies or the city trimmers
  • Straw (Hay has seeds! Don't use that!)
  • Shredded paper (reuse that junk mail!)
  • Compost, half-finished compost, crumbly decomposting shredded leaves
  • Red plastic (under tomatoes and strawberries-- increases the harvest!)
  • We hear varied reports about the black plastic "weed cloth" stuff. Almost everyone says the thin, cheaper stuff is worthless; some say that the thicker stuff works well, and others say it's not worth the expense.

Entered by Ray_Scheel

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