o Drainage problems and drainage tiles

Whether a house sits on a hillside or on level ground, you must first of all slant the soil to lead the water away from the house.

There are three kinds of tiles:

  • Above ground drainage tiles lead rain water away from the house on top of the ground, e.g. the water coming from the roof.
  • Below ground drainage tiles are installed about 2 to 4 below the surface. They are a 4 to 8" perforated plastic pipes which travel across fields at intervals, conducting surplus water into a ditch or county drain.
  • Weeping tiles are in the ground under the house and lead the ground water into the sewer. Without weeping tiles the ground water pressure would lift the foundation.

    Another hint: Never build a concrete sidewalk next to a building. You will need to tear it up whenever you raise the settling soil around the building. Use blocks instead which are light enough to be picked up.

    If you have a surplus water, you might consider creating a pond into which you could lead the water from the drainage tiles.

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