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"What is intensive planting?"

Intensive planting is a way to grow plants by placing them close together in a garden. Their spacing is generally closer together than traditionally recommended distances.

"How does it work?"

As the plants mature their leaves begin to shade the ground. This helps to control the growth of weeds.

Airborne weed seeds won't be able to take hold in a clear patch of ground.

Weed seeds won't receive adequate sunlight for germination.

Young weed seedlings will be crowded out or smothered by the leaves of larger growing plants.


I usually space young transplants about six inches apart. As the plants mature they grow in very tightly, filling any space between them, and that shades the ground reducing the amount of weeds I have to pull. Intensive planting combined with a layer of mulch has been very successful for me in reducing my weed chores!

I love it!


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