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Think about your own garden, and your neighbors' gardens too.

Do you find plants that have volunteered each spring and shown up as seedlings that you didn't sow? These are very good choices. (let's say that your orange marigolds have returned in Spring as volunteer seedlings.......you can then be pretty well assured that gold, or lemon, or African or French varieties will also reseed for you too, when it comes down to it a marigold is a marigold is a marigold).

Go to your local Botanical Garden and ask the gardeners which plants reseed there. Any plants they mention would be a good choice for Winter Sowing as your local Botanical Garden more than likely has the same climate as you do.

Take a walk at a Nature Preserve near you and observe the wildflowers, the young seedling trees, bushes, vines, etc. All of these plants have germinated and thrive outdoors with only Mother Nature to assist them. All of these plants are excellent choices for Winter Sowing.

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