o We don't get snow during our winter....can I still Winter Sow?


Yes you can! Really!

You don't need snow and ice or freezing temperatures to Winter Sow, you just need the season that's called Winter, and where you are Winter isn't a season that's long or bitterly cold, it's milder, and gentler....and you don't have to shovel out from a snowstorm like us Northerners! Lucky you!

"What seeds can I sow?"

You can sow almost any annual, and most certainly all biennials and perennials that are okay to grow in your warmer zone. Look for "sub-tropicals" when you search for seeds, you can even try a few tropical seeds too....but if you don't have confidence in sowing tropical seeds then hold back some seeds to start inside, compare the germination, and learn from your efforts.

As your Winter is so very short I would suggest placing the seed flats outdoors where they'll get direct light only in the morning or afternoon, brilliant overhead sunlight at midday might be way too intense causing the air inside the flats to super-heat which could "cook" the seeds....bummer.

For some info on a sowing technique you can try please read the Winter Sowing FAQ "Is there Spring and Summer Sowing?".



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