o My flats are drying out too fast....I don't want to water them everyday!


I think I gave some flats too much drainage or ventilation slits....it seems like I have to water them almost every day, what can I do?

This is an easy fix!

I never put more than five or six drainage slits in a flat, but even so that might sometimes be too much. So to fix that I pick up the flat and dry its bottom off with a paper towel, then I take a piece of duct tape or white bandage tape and simply tape over a couple of the drainage holes. The tape does a great job of sealing the slits enough that the excess drainage is slowed down.

If you've put too many slits or holes in the cover for air transpiration you could tape some over with clear packing tape, or even easier, just toss out that cover and make new one.

How do I make a new cover?

Take your flat and slip it into a baggie or ziploc bag. Close the baggie with a twist tie or knot. Take a paring knife and make a few slits in the bottom for drainage and make some slits in the top for air transpiration too. If you use a ziploc bag you can keep the zipper open a bit and make just a few slits in the the top.


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