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Wild Yellow Rose Seedlings

Roses require several periods of cold-stratification to soften the hard coat of the rose seed. Winter sowing is an easy way to provide that. Hybrid roses usually will not duplicate themselves exactly from seed, the plants you germinate will grow and bloom to have their own beauty. The results are often very pleasing and charming.

Rose seeds can be found inside ripe rose hips. Information on saving rose seeds can be found in the Garden Web Seed Saving Forum FAQ: "Saving Rose Seeds".

Roses come in many sizes and forms and their seeds reflect that, there can be variation among the sizes of seeds from different roses. It is best to sow rose seeds at a depth that is twice their width. Firm the soil surface well after sowing.

Rose seeds begin germinating in mid-spring, germination can be staggered with some stragglers germinating during summer. Larger seedlings may be transplanted from partially germinated flats into holding beds or their own growing pots. Plants can be moved into permanent sites once the seedlings have grown to about four or five inches high. Prune as desired at transplant. Slug protection is suggested.

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